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switch to a UEFI-ready bootloader by default

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While reading a review of a Sandy Bridge motherboard in Anandtech it was pointed that upcoming intel motherboards will ship with a UEFI firmware instead of a BIOS. While reading the documentation for UEFI firmware I noticed that the bootloader has to be a UEFI application. In order to support this new hardware we need a bootloader that supports UEFI booting, GRUB legacy as far as I know doesn't support this. I think it's time to retire GRUB legacy and use GRUB2, elilo or rEFIt (though this one is a long shot).



icons/user_comment.png J. R. wrote: (7 years ago)

I noticed elilo is available for openSUSE 11.4 but can it be installed as an UEFI bootloader?

icons/user_comment.png R. L. wrote: (6 years ago)

There is also BURG, which I do not know supports UEFI yet. But considering the reluctance of various distros in using GRUB2 it makes sense to simply fork as the BURG has with GRUB.

icons/user_comment.png J. R. wrote: (3 years ago)

Mark as done because, elilo in older distribution can be used to boot UEFI for x86_64 and in recent ones there is grub2 to allow booting UEFI.

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