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WUBI like feature for openSUSE

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A feature that I really miss in openSUSE is something like WUBI. Maybe you know this tool, what let you install Ubuntu on a Windows-partition. I think for beginners, who don't want to create a Linux-partition is this a easy and great way to have a nice welcome-unit in Linux. openSUSE will be a distro for beginners and advanced users, right? So this feature is a real nice present for beginners and people who just want test openSUSE.
I know, it won't be easy to realize this idea, and I think it won't be a fast way to create the tool. but it will be a nice goal for openSUSE 12. So we have cleared the 11.4/12.0 question in one, because we can say something like this:

"No, we give you openSUSE 12 when the WUBI-like feature is running".


  • Duplicate of feature #310530:


icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

I was looking for more information on WUBI and it is not easy to find it, but it mentioned use of qemu-img to resize virtual disks, so it is QEMU that is running the show.
Creating dual boot where user can run QEMU and virtual qemu disk with already installed openSUSE is making world complicated place. Not to mention all problems that such attempt can create. They mentioned missing hal.dll - ie. unbootable windows, and as solution use of Linux Live CD to recover, not really recommended path for a new user.
Besides it is still virtual machine that is running the show, how that reflects on performance?

In my humble opinion, making Live CD able to write to Windows partition in one specially for that purpose created directory, is better option, or even better this days, Live USB stick with second partition as /home/ .

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