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Please add Lightspark as a standard avant-garde/forefront browser flash player

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I think Lightspark
https://launchpad.net/lightspark is an avant-garde/forefront browser flash player with modern hardware support design and written from scratch.
We could find it only on Packman repository, but both gnash and swfdec are in standard OpenSuSE repository (swfdec in Packman one too and in a more recent version).

Are there too some language (flash, swf files) legal troubles?


User benefit:

If we could live free, but with a modern design plugin it's better.

I'm tired to live with my CPU at least at 45% load with 64 bit flash player "Square" p3:


Browser safer and efficiently with this plugin.


icons/user_comment.png S. P. wrote: (7 years ago)

You should try to get in touch with the flash maintainer. Maybe it has licensing issues and is therfore in Packman. Asking the packman guys may help too.

icons/user_comment.png C. S. wrote: (7 years ago)

Thank you, I will check asap.

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