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openSUSE Software Portal

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Have you every heard or seen the openSUSE software portal?
Why is it so well hidden on the website?
This should be well visible and accessible through a much more prominent location, e.g. the iso software download page.

User benefit:

Users, especially new linux/oss software users need a good starting point to search for software that might help them.
The software portal does that, it's a shame it's not more accessible.


icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

It is available from landing page http://opensuse.org and it is on http://software.opensuse.org .

icons/user_comment.png D. B. wrote: (7 years ago)

Sorry, but no. I'm not talking about the software search, but about http://software.opensuse-community.org/web/

Please try to follow the use case above!

icons/user_comment.png P. B. wrote: (7 years ago)

A long while ago, Benjamin Weber and I implemented the Software Portal. Even though we blogged and emailed about it, as well as made a presentation about it at the first openSUSE conference, no one was interested in participating -- at least in terms of coding, we have a few good fellows who volunteered for testing.
So we went on hacking, and it's pretty much functional. But even then, no one was interested. We eventually gave up because it just needed too much time for just two people, and both of us had so many other things on the plate.
At this years' openSUSE conference, I stumbled (by chance) into a session about implementing an "app store"-alike for openSUSE (and other distributions as well, if possible). Even there, no one knew about it, and in the mean time there were a few other implementations (even though none of them is functional and having a smaller feature scope). So we discussed a few things, and the decision was made to use OCS and the stuff Frank Karlitschek had started to hack, which has been coined project "Bretzn" since then. I don't think much happened on that since then.
And then, a very few days ago, there was a workshop in N├╝rnberg with folks from other distributions to, again, but this time across distros (which is extremely cool), come up with ideas and a plan to develop... an app store alike for Linux distributions. I wasn't invited, and part of the people there didn't know about the Software Portal, and some did, but.. go figure.
Not sure I'll try to contribute to the topic because I'm rather disgusted at how all the hard work Benjamin and I have put into this implementation (as well as the experience doing it) is just left aside, and because of choices of technologies like it's 1999. We'll see. Anyway, and as one can read from the above, I'm rather sour, to say the least, on how it all went, especially because that's the kind of things I very much want to prevent from happening in the project.

Hope that answers your question on why it isn't more prominent and why almost no one knows about it.

icons/user_comment.png V. U. wrote: (7 years ago)

I want to apologize to Pascal and Benjamin here: I knew about the software portal, but since I was focusing on getting people from other distros, I completely forgot that and didn't personally invite them to the meeting :/ Unfortunately, the email I sent at the beginning of the month on distributions@lists.fd.o to make sure that all people who were interested would join didn't help.

I surely hope we can at least learn from the experience gained while building the software portal, and maybe even use bricks of what was done there.

icons/user_comment.png a. v. wrote: (2 years ago)

Denny I don't see why you need this feature. One can search softwares from openSUSE iso download page, which is software.opensuse.org. There is also a
firefox add-on for software search . What else do you need?

For now rejecting feature request.

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