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System wide media player deamon

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Some users use computers only to play media, like music. I have a lot of friends, witch only run computer to login and put CDs inside.
We need a system wide deamon, which control how many normal users are logged in, check /usr/media directory and all removable media to start playing music/etc.

When user get logged, music will stop playing.

User benefit:

Many users will love us for do this, especially users of netbook with SSD drive, where Linux based operating systems set up very quickly.

It is very simple to create bash script, which starts task in background(playing music), get task pid and check how many users are logged for 5 seconds. Main matter is to control such deamon.


We travel by bus/train/airplane and want only to play music. Have we bored by running whole system, getting logged and starting player?
Damian will only insert CDs onto drive and power on computer. They will only wait half minutes to hear a sound.


Get logged/logout turn of/on computer, insert/remove CDs.


icons/user_comment.png A. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

Just install and configure it for mpd. ;)

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