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include BCache (cache on SSD) in kernel

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Bcache is a patch to use SSDs to transparently cache arbitrary block devices. Its main claim to fame is that it's designed for the performance characteristics of SSDs - it avoids random writes and extraneous IO at all costs, instead allocating buckets sized to your erase blocks and filling them up seqentially. It uses a hybrid btree/log, instead of a hash table as some other caches.

User benefit:

SSD devices can help improve rotation disks performance, this will give better overal performance and allow to use big rotation disks capacity.


http://bcache.evilpiepirate.org/ - Wiki page

git://evilpiepirate.org/~kent/linux-bcache.git - Git repo

git://evilpiepirate.org/~kent/bcache-tools.git - Userspace tools

http://evilpiepirate.org/gitweb/ - Web side to access the git


icons/user_comment.png R. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

What I'm missing in this feature request is:

  • where to find "Bcache",
  • for what is that patch (kernel),
  • some discussion comparing performance with and without bcache
icons/user_comment.png V. K. wrote: (7 years ago)

LWN article about latest v9
there are some performance data

P.S. comment adding is ... is too wired

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