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Choose installation pattern on a the basis of type of usage

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openSUSE DVD has a lot of well selected packages. Currently what we do is offer choices to the consumer by his choices of Desktop. I would like we also offer choices on the basis of their use.

User benefit:

What I would like is have some patterns related to the use level and knowledge of the person installing the distro so that openSUSE can look like as a distro for home users, distro for developer, office users etc


I am a home user, I select the option Home User and apps like open office, banshee that are best suited for the home environment where people do not need to make a lot of choices can work.

I am a business developer, manage accounts - An openSUSE environment focussing on that can focus on accounting and stuff like that


We already have patterns for web devel and other development


icons/user_comment.png S. K. wrote: (6 years ago)

I think that these options are available already but can be displayed better, I agree on thet

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