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Simple access permission setup for shared partitions or disks

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It's more and more frequent to have a big partition shared by users for large data (video...).

Now one have to allow writing on these partitions with going root and making

chown :users <mount point>

chmod g+w <mount point>

It should be a good idea to add the option in the partitionner to make this. One more option "allow writing by users", for example.


icons/user_comment.png T. E. wrote: (6 years ago)

This is exactly what ACLs were created for. POSIX ACLs and have been fully supported on Linux for years now.

What we need is a GUI, perhaps a YAST module that can setup a directory as 'shared'. Behind the scenes all it would need to do is setup a 'default ACL' that grants rwx permissions on directories to the 'users' group, and only rw on files of course. This would only need to be done once since it's a default ACL - newly created files and sub-directories would inherit this ACL.

It would be simple for the YAST module to be able to 'unshare' this directory too - just remove the ACL.

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