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QTads in OpenSuSE Repository

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QTads is the only Linux program currently capable of running the full/multimedia version of
interactive fiction games written in the
TADS (Text Adventure Development System) code (see "why do we want this" reason for more info). At the moment, it's not available in any OpenSuSE repository, including the 3rd party Webpin-accessible or Build Service user home projects.  Linux binaries are technically available but they're built off Debian Lenny and have enough version-specific dependencies for having it be in a repository strongly preferable, particularly for GNOME users and/or novices.

User benefit:

There's a strong, growing community of people playing and writing interactive fiction -- enough to fuel multiple annual highly-competitive awards, conventions, review sites, local user groups, and game databases. TADS is a common favorite among players and creators, as it allows the author to divide the screen into sections, control all aspects of font display, and make use of PNG/JPG images, WAV/MIDI/mp3 files, or clickable hyperlinks, resulting in a richer experience that appeals to a much wider audience.


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Please find a devel project and push it to openSUSE:Factory.

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