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Install Grub to MBR by default

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When installing openSUSE 11.3, right before copying the files to disk, one gets to choose where to install Grub - on a partition or in MBR. Installing on a partition is the default.

This leaves users who didn't manually enable this option with a fresh installation of openSUSE and no way to boot it, short of editing a boot cd's grub command line by hand and restoring it with YaST from the running system. It's a common mistake, for unexperienced users as can be observed on FreeNode:#suse, as well as for people who install openSUSE a lot but from time to time forget this option.

Installing to MBR should be the default way to install Grub. Alternatively, provide a better UI that makes choosing mandatory and explains the consequences. A third way could be to check for an existing Windows boot manager which is capable of booting Linux.

User benefit:

We don't want new users who took the time to install openSUSE to be left with no way to boot their freshly installed OS. We want to support their curiousness and their courage to make this step should not be disappointed at the second time they boot.


icons/user_comment.png K. C. wrote: (15 months ago)

openSUSE now installs generic boot code to MBR by default.

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