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zypper: allow to adjust proposed solver solution

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It would be nice if it would be possible to change the solver solution at the point when the installation summary is shown and zypper prompts whether to continue. This would allow the user to conveniently remove unwanted packages automatically chosen for installation, add another package, etc. This is especially needed if it is difficult to work one's way to the solution (in case of many dependency problems, e.g. during an upgrade).

Removing, adding, and keeping an installed version of a package could be implemented as part of this feature request first. Further enhancements can be done later.




During a dist-upgrade, user goes through a lot of solver problems. Then sees something unwanted in the summary. Currently the only solution is to quit, lock a package or change some command line options, restart the dist-upgrade and go through all the painfull solving again. With this feature the user would have a good chance of changing the summary in a convenient way.


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