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enable showopts before root= on menu.lst default kernel line via perl-bootloader

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In Factory, sometimes root= doesn't work and some experimenting is necessary to get a boot and find out why. e.g. for a long while, root=LABEL= syntax was not working, and still might not be in certain cases. Also, modern root=/dev/disk* syntax makes most kernel lines are longer than the text editor screen is wide (wrapping makes more confusion), which means also /dev/disk entries are too long for human brains to remember for manual typing. And, sometimes troubleshooting requires /dev/sdX# syntax. When dropping back to text mode to edit cmdline and mistake is made, grub doesn't recover nicely, and reboot to restart Grub is often required to retry. So, showopts before root= in gfxmenu would be a nice facility provided via /etc/sysconfig/bootloader and perl-bootloader instead of having to manually change it after each kernel update.</p> 
inputting on in this typing box is a nightmare. There's no auto-wrap, so everything just keeps moving right until a hard return is input. If this looks insanely formatted, that is why.


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