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bypass "partitioning" option for pre-partitioned installation targets

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Mandriva provides installation cmdline option that I
always use:
This causes normal partitioning steps to be bypassed.
No creatiion, deletion, or modification of existing
partitions is possible. Instead is presented a list
of Linux native partitions for mountpoint selection,
mount options selection, whether to format, and format
to use.
This is handy for both advanced users like myself, and
for frequently repeated installs, such as development
milestones. It can save significant time initializing
an installation, and it can avoid some opportunities
for mistakes in one of the more dangerous and difficult
installation phases.
It would be excellent for openSUSE to have a similar
installation option.


icons/user_comment.png J. D. wrote: (2 years ago)

I like the idea. This feature would be consistent with the ability we already have to preserve the SSH host keys of the installed system (by default) and the user accounts (optionally.)

This could be implemented as an alternative to the fully manual partition setup: read the previous system's /etc/fstab and pre-fill the mount points. Then let the user adjust and continue.

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