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Always create /root/autoyast.xml for every installation

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Distributions such as RHEL (and any of its blood line) always leave a file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg which can be used to repeat the installation via their anaconda/kickstart process.

The parallel to this with openSUSE is YaST2 and AutoYaST.

The feature request is asking that at the end of every installation in the home directory of the root user the necessary file or files are created to allow the user to repeat the installation with the same options.

If multiple files are needed then it maybe better provided as a single file using any archiver (tar/cpio/zip).  Also making sure this format could be used directly with AutoYaST.

There should be a YaST2 option to disable the emitting of configuration but the default should be to enabled it just like with RHEL.  The process of making the user use another program to create an autoyast.xml descriptor is no where near as efficient as running through the entire installation process once and knowing you always get a descriptor out at the end of it.  Which you can then if you like open up the editor to modify.  This has far superior usability IMHO.

If there are concerns over encoding hashed/encrypted passwords into the file then the generation of this installation configuration to file(s) in the root users home directory should have a tri-state value.

  • Off (meaning do no create any files),
  • On (meaning to create file(s) in the root home directory that would be necessary to perform the installation that just happened again with a new set of defaults and mostly unattended, however any security sensitive information such as passwords would not be included at all, this would be the new default for everyone),
  • On with Passwords (meaning the same as On but any security senstive information would also be emitted in the best possible way to retain as much security as possible, for example the password hash is in the file no the plain text password).


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