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Create browser based Open Source Chromium in distributions

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Browser based Open Source Chromium It would be interesting, useful and educational (for some) if you can take the open source Chromium and create or modify it to have a final version google chrome browser alternative to all users with different expertise (different knowledge) can be used. Perhaps to create an opensource project collaboration between various Free and Open Source communities (distributions and applications) that is an alternative to Google Browser without the closed source, may also be taken up ideas and code of Mozilla Firefox. Some friends like the idea of fusion Chromium and Firefox code.

The idea is that while Google creates its mixed version is to create our version based open source Chromium and have a version made only with open source for example as GPL ;) benefits of security and privacy.

I only know Google Chrome, there is a free and open source alternative based on Chromium? Or have made packages ready to install and use on Chromium?.


icons/user_comment.png A. M. wrote: (8 years ago)

Emmm... I use Chromium in my openSUSE install on a dayly basis and pretty happy with it. What is your idea again? =)

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