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Integrate Bastille Linux and security options of drakconf in the YaST.

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erence the options of the Mandriva control center in the seccion of security and Bastille Linux might be useful to integrate them into Yast and enable end-users productive, non-technical users and users with technical conocmientos to better configure more options OpenSuse single or a test response questions as if you use p2p sharing applications like ktorrent and amule (which may also cause the system to check the configuration of ktorrent and amule, as the firewall ports to open suse firewall automatically with no configuration by the user ) a few end users and productive users and know about Bastille Linux Bastille Linux and know how to use. And in the Mandriva security check I've seen some options that are not in Yast, local security firewall and perhaps there is something useful.


icons/user_comment.png J. E. wrote: (7 years ago)

The description text seems garbled (broken words), words that don't exist, and a lack of punctuation. I really don't know for sure what is being wanted here.

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