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only one level on kde submenus

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KDE menus are shorted by app type and app subtype. I need 3 clicks for lauch anyone. The subtype is nice, but the adictional click not. 

A solution is put subtypes and apps in same leval using a tree view. maybe with autoexpand on mouse hover, but by default expanded.


icons/user_comment.png O. R. wrote: (8 years ago)

This is a major nuisance and usability hindrance. There is an option in KMenu (Kickcoff) where user can opt to reduce menu depth, but that creates even more confusing situation: applications which would be alone in their categories are now one menu level below, while others remain in sub-category if their number is larger than one. for example, if I have both Firefox and Chromium installed, they will remain in Browsers sub-category even after applying reduced menu depth option.

This has to be fixed.

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