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Encryption - Installer needs more information and options

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short description : When installing openSUSE via the installer you can't select [x]Encrypt Device for the system root partition and continue installing since it shows you an (
unclear ) error message

long description  :

Encryption doesn't work with /boot (should be obvious) but it also doesn't work with / (the root partition) - which should work

the partition scheme was:

/boot (primary)

/ (root, primary, [x] encrypted) <-- 

when clicking on "next" at the bottom right it would say:

Error You have assigned an encrypted filesystem to a partition with one of the following mount points: "/", "/usr", "/boot", "/var". This is not possible. Change the mount point or use a nonloopbacked file system.

1.) so in that approach using an encrypted system partition wouldn't be possible - 

2.) the "
solution "
right now would be at the previous screen:

select "LVM Based" and checking [x] Encrypt Volume Group

after that all partitions could be created

in that case the (automatic) partitioning scheme looked something like

/boot (primary)

/ Volume group

  - ext4 / (root)

  - ext4 /home 

  - swap

suggestions for improvement:

1.) make it possible to
selectively choose encryption for the individual partition (also the type, see #307523) and get the system installed; 

2.) while selectively choosing encryption for each particular partition now doesn't work (1.) the error message or help function should at least refer to the possibility of selecting "LVM based" at the previous screen and there checking [Encrypt Volume Group] - 

Talking about the error message: "
This is not possible. Change the mount point or use a nonloopbacked file system. " doesn't help anyone inexperienced ;)


icons/user_comment.png M. B. wrote: (7 years ago)

seems like the installer still does NOT support encryption of the / (root) partition :(

that might explain why the command

cryptsetup luksDump

for me said that the partitions are not LUKS 

==> so in the first place it
needs support for an encrypted / (root) partition

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