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Ability to access proxy settings module from the Software manager module in YaST

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Add a menu-item (or some other way if that is more viable) to access the proxy settings module from the Software Management in YaST. In places where you can only access the network after you specify a proxy, the typical first run of the software management module typically launched from the main-menu in all the major desktop environments, fails (unless you have the foresight to know of proxy module in YaST-control-centre and configure it from there first) and starts up showing only installed packages. At this time a user will search for a proxy-configuration tool within the installer interface, because all his/her favourite network applications (firefox, evolution, pidgin, etc.) have proxy configuration options of their own (as well as the ability to pick up system defaults of course).

  • Present situation: He/She can't find any proxy configuration ability from the software management interface, has to guess/learn/know about the proxy module in YaST's control centre, and start up the control centre, retype password for root, and start the module from there. This looks like too much work!
  • What the feature will do: Implement a "Proxy settings" item from the "Configuration" menu in the top menu-bar which will launch the already existing proxy settings module [in YaST], thereby making it not only easy but also obvious for a new user to set up/change his/her proxy settings when required for software management purposes.


  • Click on Install/Remove Software from main-menu
  • Software manager starts up, fails to connect due to improperly configured proxy settings, and shows only installed packages.
  • Select from the menu-bar Configuration > Proxy Settings (now easily locatable) and configure proxy.
  • Refresh repositories/restart software manager and lo!


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