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Add arrow desktiop switching feauture

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This is an old favorite of mine. Here is the problem, switching desktops on a Linux machine with or without compiz is not intuitive. Why? because it is related to some window keys Ctrl+Alt+Right or Left Arrow, it is a secondary menu, or it depends on the mouse being at the corner of the window.

All of these ideas, while being well-intentioned, in nature, simply become annoying because they are hard to discover, they are somewhat hidden, and they tend to be not novice user friendly.

The other problem is that as people talk about being user-friendly, they generally say that they don't want Linux to be "dummed down," or made so simple that only stupid people can use. The fact of the matter is, though, that, in my view, no one should expect its Linux distribution to be a puzzle only solvable for the "smart" people that can figure out its tricks. In the scientific world there is the idea that the simplest answer to a question is always the right one. When many theories explain one phenomenon then they choose the simplest one to reveal its truthfulness.

This idea can also be applied to the desktop. In the desktop we have a few "theories" about how one should take use of virtual desktops.

Here are some of them:


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