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Add the FISH (SSH) in Konqueror and also in other file managers.

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Add the FISH (SSH) in Konqueror and also in other file managers.

About FISH (SSH) in Konqueror:

Can act as a Konqueror file manager for local files But also, through FTP, WebDAV or other protocols, as a file manager for files on remote machines. The FISH ("fish: / / user @ host") protocol Can Be Used to manipulate files through SSH, Allowing you to use the Konqueror the file manager for almost any machine Can you connect to on the internet.

Add this and other features of Konqueror, Konqueror in itself and also in other file managers.

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icons/user_comment.png C. L. wrote: (8 years ago)

This already exists.

In Konqueror and Dolphin you can "Add Network Folder" using protocol SSH and it starts a FISH connection to any remote computer with option to create a permanent link to the Network tab.

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