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Simple IPv6 tunnels through Yast

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As you may know, Windows 7 already implements a 6to4 adapter for tunneling IPv6 traffic seamlessly through IPv4. Thus, Windows 7 users can use IPv6 even while their ISPs or routers only allow IPv4. This makes the transition easier. With IPv6 just around the corner, I feel SuSE should be doing something like that too.

Currently the only way to activate Freenet or 6to4 is to hack the console which is not how "my mother" would do it. We need checkboxes in YaST for this. Two checkboxes that will enable or disable 6to4 tunneling or Freenet tunneling. Whether it will be enabled by default or not, as in Windows, I am not certain. But we do need two checkboxes in a special IPv6 tunneling module or as part of the Network module that will activate either 6to4 or Freenet. Let's hope we have it till the next version...

User benefit:

5 reasons:
a) To access the IPv6 internet and make transition to IPv6 smoother.
b) There is an egg-chicken conundrum where as long as there is no desire for IPv6 content, there is also no need for a push of IPv6 from content providers or ISPs - so by increasing IPv6 access, we change this.
c) We have to be prepared for IPv6
d) Well, we shouldn't have to feel inferior because Windows has it and we don't.
e) For innovation: OpenSUSE will probably be the first to provide such a mechanism, as far as Linuxes are concerned.


Accessing IPv6 internet through IPv4 infrastructure


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