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Desktop files with debugging feature

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Often users don't know how track problems and there's no simple sollutions for begginiers. I think, that adding additional fields to .desktop files will helps a lot. Thease fileds should been named DEBUG_MODE_ON and DEBUG_MODE_RUNNER.

Once DEBUG_MODE_RUNNER is not present, there's should exist mechanism to debug(ex. running konsole and application on it ; or better redirecting stderr and stdout onto file and asks user to display it/send/etc. after application quits).

User benefit:

* Developers of application could add custom debug mode with full featured information gathering and sending log file to vendor. It could make support better.

* Better forums support.

* A way to create automated tools, which reads logs and perform some tasks(if user accept)

* Many user don't know how solving problems on Ubuntu. Running application in terminal don't always be pragmatic, because xterm have limited buffer for text. Also, running terminal isn't very simple.


Better can't run some application, because some libraries isn't present on the system. It will only right click on application runner and select debug mode.


Test that dialog with question about displaying log file don't show before application quits.


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