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Separate disk images for countries with no SW patents (with proprietary codecs)

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Opensuse disk images distributed in countries where disallowed software patents must include a complete set of codecs (including proprietary), profit:

codecs is important part of system and most peoples use it anyway, bye or install from packman repo, but why peoples in countries where disallowed software patents should care about it?

  1. newbies is very unhappy due this
  2. it made liveCDs worse 

How it can work:

  1. If a request to http://software.opensuse.org comes from a country where disallowed software patents, it should display the modified page contains two links to the disk images - the main image with codecs, and somewhere near the original image
  2. I think there are no unsolvable problems for distribute, for example: susestudio.com allows you to build and distribute images containing patented codecs


icons/user_comment.png K. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

I'd like to see http://opensuse-community.org/SubpixelHinting also on these images

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