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have an option to apply the gnome "monitor preferences" to xorg.conf

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There's a problem with gnome monitor prefereces: the preferences if for the user and the user is only known after the login, but X starts and shows GDM before the login. So there is an extra flicker (in my case it flickers twice for some reason) when changing from the gdm monitor settings to the gnome desktop monitor settings.

This option would allow to convert the xrandr settings to a xorg.conf file (asking for the root password) with the monitor settings (monitor positions, resolution and the default monitor).

In the UI it would be represented by an option or an "apply to system" option.


icons/user_comment.png V. U. wrote: (8 years ago)

There's a "Set as default" button in gnome-display-properties in GNOME 2.31/2.32. And gdm will be able to use the resolution defined this way.

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