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Repositories/Packages and Apparmour

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Just allow to connect repository/packages with apparmour profile by vendors of package/repository.


I need to install some game. I found One-Click-Install wesnoth installer on the web. I decided to install in this way. Repository with wesnoth could been assigned to @apparmour_profiles/games/without_acceleration, @apparmour_profiles/user_home/dot_app_name_profile, @apparmour_profiles/internet/don_t_read_etc. System will show me info like: this reposiory contains only network games. Programs installed from here couldn't read private data or system settings.

I can click enable apparmour policies to this repository.


icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (7 years ago)

The idea behind this sounds interesting but this needs far more work on specification.

Last change: 7 years ago
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