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Set Repository priority at install

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A higher priority setting for the main repositories.

With the settings as they are now, we have the main repositories all set at priority 99, new added repositories at 99 and one-click-install added repositories at 99. This, for sure will lead into troubles as users begin to use the package management and the vast number of repositories out there. When updating through "zypper dup", the system will always update to the latest version package out of all repositories, because all of them have the same priority. When installing new software, yast and zypper would always choose the latest package as well. This will break the system sooner or later with many repositories added and especially the meant to be easy to use one-click-install will speed that up, when users use them.

When we would change the default priority of the main repositories to, for example, 80 for update and 90 for the other main repositories (oss, non-oss, source...), while 99 is still the priority of newly added repositories, repositories added by one-click-install or manually will not break the system while the user still get the updates that are provided by the repositories, unlike with the suggestion usually found in the forums community to disable every repository besides the main ones (plus packman).


Add many repositories by one-click-installing or manually without manually changing priority or disabling them.


icons/user_comment.png L. M. wrote: (8 years ago)

Reducing the impact of repository proliferation is important.  The number of new users who have broken part or all of their openSUSE install is large (and difficult for support to help fix), where they have done such a break because they mistakenly assumed that dependency checking by rpms would be sufficient such that they can massively mix and match a zillion repositories.  We need to do something here.  I do not know the answer, but am forced in the forums to try and help address the problems as they continue to occur over and over and over.

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