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libzypp: generate posix portable character set filenames

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Rejected Information


Background:  Currently, libzypp automatically generates file names for .repo files in
, and corresponding directory names in
.  From a very quick look at the source, it seems that the names are generated from the repo alias, with
translated to
, but no other translations.

Desired Feature:  Automatically generated file and directory names should be constructed using only the POSIX portable filename character set.


The repo alias should be groomed with undesirable characters stripped or translated before file and directory name generation.

User benefit:

Quick rationale: Spaces in filenames are EVIL!!!!!!

Extended rationale: libzypp should not make assumptions about the filesystem where files and directories may be stored. Some filesystems may choke on the filenames that are currently auto-generated. Further, many tools and scripts which iterate over files and directories implicitly presume that file/directory names don't contain weird characters.


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