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Add a set of favourite modules in YaST control centre

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It would be nice to have a set of favourite modules in YaST either as a separate group or as part of the display (for example a list of items just below the left sidebar).

I understand that many modules in YaST are a little too technical for the "average" desktop user, and that he/she usually ends up using a few of them [software management, network, users, etc.] regularly while ignoring the presence of the more advanced modules. As a result, the interface looks a little too daunting for him/her at first sight. Therefore, I suggest that YaST have a "Commonly used" group of modules [alongside the already existing groups] that should be shown at YaST startup. The commonly used group could be a hard-coded list of the usually used modules [i believe the survey could help with that] or be initially populated with a selection of simple modules and then updated with usage. For example there could be just the "Software management" and "Users" modules added to the commonly used group and when a user uses module "X" a few times it shows up there as well. This would make it useful also, for example, for a system-administrator who uses the LDAP module regularly.

Filing for openSUSE 11.3, since there seems to be no way to file features for 12.0 yet.


icons/user_comment.png S. M. wrote: (8 years ago)

Maybe have two tabs like the "Personal Settings" program does but one for user selected options and the second for the full set of options.

Let the user choose to hide items in the basic tab or select ones on the advanced tab to also be shown on the basic tab.

That would let me greatly simplify Yast for a lot of folks I install for and move the troublesom options a bit out of sight where they are less likely to be clicked by an overly curious new user.

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