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Graphical client for SUSE Studio

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Hackweek V
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SUSE Studio
Duplicate of #306606
Status: Rejected


SUSE Studio is great as web app for creating appliances in the browser, but there are a couple of tasks which can only be performed locally. To facilitate that I'm going to write a graphical client for SUSE Studio focusing on the tasks which can not be done in the web interface, such as managing downloads, running and deploying appliances locally, natively connecting to testdrive, etc.

The client will use the SUSE Studio API to talk to the server. Implementation will be done in C++ using the KDE development platform.

There are probably many more ideas what the client could do. Add your ideas here, if you like. If somebody wants to join the fun and participate in hacking let me know. You are more than welcome :-)


  • Duplicate of feature #306606:


icons/user_comment.png C. S. wrote: (8 years ago)

First version of the client is done. See the
Hackweek V report in my blog. The code is on gitorious.org in the
Studiosus repository .

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