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Add hybrid-auth to KNetworkManager/vpnc

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A lot of CISCO VPN's today use hybrid-authentication. Unlike gnome-NetworkManager, KNetworkManager does not support hybrid-auth. Sure, it's not a big deal to connect via cli (when you have an ssl-enabled vpnc installed) but hybrid-auth integration into KNetworkmanager would make openSUSE and KDE much more attractive to university students and staff, for example.

There's a bug report in
KDE's bug tracker which seems to be worked on. The gnomes were faster, they already have a
patch . I'd really appreciate seeing hybrid-auth capability in KNetworkManager. Maybe someone with programming skills and the desire for hybrid-auth can do something. Thanks for listening!


icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (6 years ago)

The upstream KDE bug is marked as done on 2011-07-16.

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