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GUI for reviewing and analysing solver testcases

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Hackweek V


Given the growing number of community and home repositories in build service, dependencies issues or update issues are more common.

YaST and zypper are able to provide solver-testcase which are really good for debugging. While the sheer amound of data as well the complexity of the provide information makes it really hard to decode a solver test case to find the real issue even for experienced users.

A GUI tool could provide good support in general and especially by providing "one click" analysis for the most common issues.


icons/user_comment.png J. K. wrote: (8 years ago)

This would be really cool.

I wonder whether zypper showing ascii dependency tree visualization of the installation summary or of a particular package would still make sense to do once this solver testcase analysis tool was done. Probably yes, because it would be usable also without X, and would be as convenient as typing 'zypper info --dep-tree package' or typing 't' in the 'Continue?' prompt in the installation summary(?).

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