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add /usr/local to KDEDIRS

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By default, CMake-powered KDE apps are installed to /usr/local, but KDE won't pickup data files and configs from this directory tree because the KDEDIRS environment variable does not include /usr/local. This problem can currently be circumvented by setting the installation prefix to /usr (which is asking for trouble because of possible clashes with RPM) or by adding /usr/local to KDEDIRS manually, which is error-prone (esp. for new users).

Therefore, I propose that /usr/local be included in the KDEDIRS environment variable by default (with a lower precedence than /usr, of course).


icons/user_comment.png A. R. wrote: (8 years ago)

I agree completely, this was a big problem to me when I started KDE-development ~half a year ago. The *ui.rc file was not found etc. Same issue for every self-compiled KDE-program I installed. I only found out this was the problem a few weeks ago.

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