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kernel choice during installation

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Since openSUSE 11.2 the special desktop-kernel is installed as default kernel during installlation. As its name says, this kernel ist optimized for desktop installations. I would prefer to choose my prefered kernel during the system installation.

Alternativ the kernel choice could be combined with the choise of the desktop system.

KDE,Gnome,XFCE = kernel-desktop

minimal grafic, text-based server installation = kernel-default / kernel pae

User benefit:

The most of my openSUSE installations are server-installations ;-)


  • Merge kernel-desktop back into kernel-default/kernel-pae (https://features.opensuse.org/319416)


icons/user_comment.png M. F. wrote: (8 years ago)

openSUSE DVD has -desktop and -default kernel included. During installation just choose one You want to install at the package selection screen.

icons/user_comment.png L. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

It's already possible to chnage the kernel flaviour from the package details section while install.

I strongly suggest
not to add an extra question as this make the install for a Linux newcomer harder.

Therefore -1

icons/user_comment.png B. F. wrote: (7 years ago)

There's no way for a newcomer to find the install minimal server choice easily.

Futhermore, if he do that, he will just try to redo the install, as no graphics interface would exist.

But for Advanced User, and Administrator, it's just a pain in ass, to not able to have quickly a server type install.

So two solutions exist :

  • -correcting the label "As minimal non desktop env, with a desktop-kernel flavor"
  • -adjust the pattern to automatically select the kernel-default if minimal server install is selected.

Related to https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=613216

so -1 for the question

+1 for the correction

icons/user_comment.png K. C. wrote: (15 months ago)

As kernel-desktop has merged back into kernel-default, this is no longer applicable.

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