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Make expert partitioner more intuitive

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I propose to restructure the expert partitioner, my suggestions are these:

  1. I think the "Overview" and "Used devices" tabs associated with each drive are out of place, I think they should become the property window of the drive, that can be accessed by right-clicking the drive and selecting the new item "Properties" or by selecting it and clicking the new button "Properties" in the "Hard disk" view, or by right-clicking an empty space in the drive's own view and selecting Properties, or by clicking the new button "Drive properties" in the drive's own view.
  2. About partitions, I'd completely remove them from the tree and move
    those informations to the partition's Properties window, accessible
    from right-clicking the partition and selecting the new item
    "Properties" or selecting the partition and clicking the new
    "Properties" button, both in the drive view and in the "Hard disks"
  3. In computers with not too many HDs, say max 6, I'd show all the
    graphical bars in the "Hard disk" view.




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