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Group of commonly used or favourite modules in YaST

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The present first appearance of YaST control centre is overwhelming for a typical desktop user (LDAP, Kerberos, etc. are terms he might never have heard of), and full reorganisation of the control centre has been rejected for 11.3 due to lack of resources.

I request the addition of a separate group of modules (presently we have Software, Hardware, Security and Users, etc) that combine a user's 5 (or whatever) most frequently used modules in YaST. This group could be shown as a separate group alongwith the other groups or as a list in the left sidebar of the control centre (below the group-list) just like it is done with "Common tasks" in the Gnome-Control-Centre for example. This would benefit the common user a lot who will have his most frequently used modules at an easily identifiable location, and will not have to scroll down a sea of modules for his purpose.

The selection of commonly used modules may be done either dynamically by registering counts for each module launched or by letting the user add it to "favourites" by right-clicking on a module (like application-browser in gnome, where one can right click on an application and add it to favourites).

I hope this would not take a lot of resources, in any case this should be easier than a full reorganisation of the control centre.


Without feature:
Average desktop user "Joe" starts uo YaST for the first time, looks at all the puzzling modules, gets confused and overwhelmed. He has to locate his module with some difficulty.

With feature:
Joe starts up YaST presumably for "Adding users", finds the "Add User" module on the left sidebar (or among the first few modules) and clicks on it.


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