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Automatic Samba/cifs shares (re)mount

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As in 11.2 any user/admin defined samba/cifs share in /etc/fstab stay offline upon a system suspend/hibernation.

I think this is an important feature to have: an user/admin who ever cares to define share mounts in fstab is very willing to have them online as the system is on.

So, for 11.3 I'd strongly suggest:

- make sure any samba/cifs share in fstab gets cleanly umounted before a system shutdown/restart/suspend/hibernation (Of course, before the network goes down)

- make sure any such share gets automatically remounted after system is back from suspend/hibernation. I'd suggest max 3 minutes attempt. If final outcome is a failure in remounting such shares, then notify user, offering a button in-notification to reconnect shares (after he solved the probable network issue).



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