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Reorganize search feature in gnome-main-menu

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Nowadays if we want to launch application that is not in favourite (or recent) group, we have to do 3 steps: open menu, click More applications, and launch it there or search for it with search field - which is not the best example of usability.

People are often changing Slab, to traditional menu, and/or to Gnome Do.

How about making it like in KDE4 menu, where search field has different functionalities depending on tab on which we are currently.

So, if we are in Applications tab, search engine searches for apps. Results are displayed in real time, in the menu itself. Of course it works as incremental search.

[image] Menu: Searching for apps.

In Documents tab we are searching for files:

[image] Menu: Searching for files.

And in Places tab we are searching for places:

[image] Menu: Searching for places.

There is a problem with this idea, because menu isn't designed to display huge amount of entries. Searching for a "a" string, can result with big number. So maybe in this situation scrollbar
(r.1) should be implemented, or only first few entries should be displayed in the menu, and rest will be available through "More Applications..." button
(r.2) . In this case, search string should be automatically copied into Application Browser search field.


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