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KnetworkManager - systemwide wifi connection

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Currently openSuse 11.2 does not allow to configure a wifi connection for all users at once, e.g. admin on a laptop configures connection and makes it available to other users of the laptop, it is annoying when every user has to set up wi-fi and enter password, especially if users are without technical skills. also makes config after install easier.


icons/user_comment.png a. f. wrote: (8 years ago)

that's not true

nm-applet --> right click on it --> edit connection --> wireless --> select the connection you want to make "world wide" than click on edit

ok check the botton "make it available to all the users"

actually THE network manager gui IS NetworkManager-Gnome if you have troubles with kde4 applet complain to kde4 developers that since years was not able to create something working

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