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Wubi-like software for openSUSE

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Hello, there is an Ubuntu utility which is very practicle. Its name is Wubi. With this utility, you can install Linux in dual-boot with an other OS. This utility could reassure a little bit the new users, those who are comfortable with partitions, etc... In my opininon, a utility similar to Wubi for openSUSE would be useful.

This utility would be extremely interesting for new users. A part of the new users don't know how to partitioning, and they don't want to read all those documents about this.

If somebody doesn't have the possibility to use a LiveCD, or don't have the possibility to use virtualization software, then this little utility would be the simpliest way to overview a part of Linux. The dual-boot is not a problem for the new user, he just wants to see what Linux is, and what Linux provides. I thought this utility would be useful in order to catch the attention of new users. Thanks to this utility, openSUSE would send a "message" to the new users like : "Look, the installation of Linux is very simple, look what you can do with openSUSE. Now, if you want to use completely Linux with the distribution openSUSE, you sould install openSUSE by ISO image, or CD, or "traditional" ways." This software would be the first step for the migration between Windows to Linux. With this way, new users would be used to Linux and openSUSE.

Why Ubuntu is the most popular distribution on new users? Why Ubuntu catches a lot of new users? Because it is the best distribution? No I don't think so, if it was the case, I wouldn't be there :) . But Ubuntu is the distribution who do the most efforts to be known by everybody and finally, even if the first goal of openSUSE is not to have the most number of users, but all this energy and all the people behind this project did not do it for 4 users, but for everybody, every machine, every configuration, the openSUSE's goal is giving all the necessary tools to the user because openSUSE wants to give the possibility to use their machine at their own wish.

That's why this utility, which in fact is not incredible, would be in my opinion, an important tool to make people aware of openSUSE

Thanks for you attention


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