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Gnome Slab's More Applications not open another Window

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In the Gnome Slab, if the Application has not been pinned to the Favorites you are forced to click "More Applications" and it opens up a Window. 

Maybe this could open a window like Windows XP does? Or can slide to the side like KDE 4 does?

Something should be in place by default.  Is there something called "Lancelot" which would apply here, or is just KDE?

User benefit:

The opened window may get lost in Windows, can be easily pushed behind something else or a pushy application that finally loads may pop-up over it and otherwise be annoying.


icons/user_comment.png B. N. wrote: (8 years ago)

I would like to see the 'more applications' being shown as an expansion of the menu rather than a seperate window, maybe sub groups would be required to break the list down: similar to KDE or the default GNOME implementation. A button could also be present giving the option of opening a seperate window. I have taken to opening applications via 'Run Application', ALT+F2, rather than using the menu because of the extra time searching through this extra window takes.

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