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Video Podcast help icon (to internet page) for new install

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Link on desktop (or part of help menu) to general openSUSE Linux podcasts prepared by SuSE-GmbH or community members. The video podcasts should be very basic tutorials in openSUSE linux. They do not have to be openSUSE version specific, nor openSUSE linux specific. By making them general they can stay current for several openSUSE releases, reducing the maintenance work load.
Video Podcasts should be done in an "open" format/codec such that they can be run immediately after a fresh install. Subjects could include:
* OpenSUSE basics tour (yast, internet community ... )
* KDE desktop tour
* Gnome destkop tour
* openSUSE software Package Management
* Linux file system hiarchy
* Linux terminal/bash shell introduction
Of course the above podcasts would have to be created first :)


icons/user_comment.png L. M. wrote: (8 years ago)

I'm unsure how this idea is perceived as votes are few and comments are none. Anyway, as part of the LXDE team for openSUSE, I hope to do a training video for LXDE:

I tested a week ago my capability to create such a video with xvidcap and kdenlive, uploading it here to youtube:

This was only me testing HOW to create such a video. Now that I know how, I hope to prepare a proper video video for LXDE, as opposed to that test.

If due to submission release dates and dvd disk space, it is not practical to provide postcasts on the installation CD/DVD, then maybe a central wiki page could be created where such videos are then required to be linked.  That central wiki page URL could then be included in the distribution.

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