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Filter for Fold View Widget & Dolphin

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The ability for a user to filter for files that the user or a group has permissions too.  Perferably the group that the user is a member of.

User benefit:

In my example, I have 7 users that are joined to 4 groups (stored in LDAP) kids, preteens, teens, parents. On a NFS share, I have 105 movies, but 15 movies the members of the kids group can watch. Parents can watch all 105 movies. Its hard for members of the kids and preteen groups to quickly pick out which movie they can watch when there is 105 videos to browse thru. This gets worst when you add a Large Music collection of over 20,000.
Move this to a small business enviorment, and you have a large public share that only has a small percentage of files that pertain to you. In the ideal world, the Administrator would have different shares for different groups, but in the work place things grow and dont get properly managed and relocated. When things do get move, users get pissed when things arent where they were. So typicly public shares get left alone and keep growing.


icons/user_comment.png W. S. wrote: (7 years ago)

I suggest you request this as a feature for Dolphin at bugs.kde.org - there is much more chance of this being implemented.

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