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Use new KDE branding for patterns and repositories

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KDE has recently release a substantial modification to how they describe their various software projects: http://dot.kde.org/2009/11/24/repositioning-kde-brand?page=1

I think openSUSE should change their KDE patterns and pattern names to reflect this new branding.  Specifically, the core KDE libraries that are needed to run KDE software should be placed in a kde-platform pattern.  Similarly, the plasma desktop (and the upcoming netbook and media center variants) should be placed in a kde-worskspaces pattern.  Other KDE applications should be placed in a kde-applications pattern.  Going further, core, extragear, community, and playground variants of these patterns would probably be provided.  For example kde-workspaces-core would provide the workspaces components shipped with a KDE software compilation (the name for a new KDE release), kde-workspaces-extragear and kde-worskpaces-playground would provide plasma packages in the official extragear and playground svn repositories, while kde-worskpaces-community would provide plasma components from third-parties such as kde-look.org. 

Similarly, the KDE repositories should be renamed as well.  So instead of KDE4.3, it should be KDESC4.3 or KSC4.3 (to reflect KDE software compilation).  KDE is strongly discouraging the use of names like "KDE 4.4" and I think we should respect that request.


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