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Auto-select dependency resolution when only one option

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When you get a dependency conflict in the software management module you are provided with a list of options.  You then click a radio button to select the option you want to use to resolve the problem.  However, in many cases you will end up with only one option.  In that case I think that option should automatically have its radio button selected.

I should emphasize that I am
not saying that the error message should not appear.  What I am saying is that the user should not have to click the radio button when there is only one radio button to click, the radio button would automatically be selected (or maybe not have a radio button at all since it ie meaningless, just have YaSt tell the user what it is going to do).  The user would still have to click the "ok" or "cancel" button. to approve the action  It is a waste of a user's time to make them click the radio button when they have no choice in the matter.


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