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Net-Installation over WLAN

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The installation of openSUSE over WLAN should be possible for netbook users. (Other purpose are welcome). It is also called Net-Installation over WLAN (Kernel-Modules of WLAN-devices should be available on board).
We need a preinstallation image on based the graphical YAST installation. The Wi-Fi access and encryption data should be typed before starting the installation (Before the YAST installation image will be downloaded).  After typing access data, YAST installation configure the WLAN-device (auto-detection) and try to connect to the Router/AP. If the connection will not be established, YAST Installation goes back again to the WLAN configuration for typing the access and encryption data. If the connection is successful, the YAST installation image will be downloaded and then starts the actual Yast installation.
This feature should be better integrated as part of the openSUSE 11.3 net-installation.


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