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interactive mode for zypper

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this is a request for fully supported and functional interactive mode for zypper.

currently zypper is mostly usable in non-interactive mode - user issues a command which is executed right away. while interactive mode is sort of working, it is not supported and breaks often (upgraded repositories are not properly reloaded etc).

package manager 'smart' supports  such an interactive mode, and it is very useful - user can enter this mode, search for packages without reloading repository data all the time and queue actions.


example session would be starting zypper, searching for some installed package, deciding to uninstall it, then adding a couple of packages for installation, searching for some more packages, deciding to install them as well, noticing that a couple of packages shoould be upgraded (and queuing that), then queuing some more packages to be removed. in the end 'commit' action is performed and zypper can be left for few hours to do its job.


icons/user_comment.png R. U. wrote: (8 years ago)

I guess you are talking about something like Debian aptitude?

If so, then why not a seperate name like : zyptitude

...for I hate those multi application bins where you need to read much to long man pages, like zypper is now a multi application: install, update, dist-upgrade, search, repo manipulation (all suffering the big lock)

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