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YMP YaST Workflow

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If you click on a YMP link firefox opens a window[1] asking you what you want to do with that link, suggesting to let the meta package handler handle it. You click okay from which another window[2] opens, the download manager of firefox. After it is finished an new window[3] pops up asking you the initial questions about the YMP handling. Which repos to subscribe to and which package to install. If you okay twice yet another window[4] opens asking me for the root password to start the package manager. Which is another window[5]. If there is a new repo in the YMP that you did not have before it will open a window[6] asking you to import the signing key.

Somehow i doubt that this many windows are neccessarry. For a workflow that is desinged for the stupid user this should be improved imho.


icons/user_comment.png P. R. wrote: (8 years ago)

Garett has some really nice one-click mockups - http://ux.suse.de/~garrett/public/hackweek/oneclick/mockups/

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