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Fallback wireless AP in YaST

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There should be a way to specify  and configure one "preferred" AP and one or more fallback APs in YaST' network device configuration for wireless devices, coupled with a monitoring/switching mechanism.

User benefit:

Since it's possible to configure wireless NICs in yast, and since it's highly unlikely that any wireless-only network will rely on only one AP, it seems logical to provide fail-overs.
In my case, when the wireless AP that is defined in YaST fails for some reason, the users end up disconnected until that access point can be brought back online. This affects logins as well, so users are sometimes locked out of their machines until I've received notice of a problem.
Of course, the system will require a way to know that it's offline on the wireless NIC to trigger the switch without user intervention. Maybe a cron job could take care of checking live status at regular intervals and switch when found offline.


Small company uses an entirely wireless network and nss-ldap for user authentication.
Since the ldap server must be contacted for the user to log on in, user desktops are configured with ifup instead of NetworkManager.

User A boots up his machine, but AP A in his corner of the office was accidentally disconnected by an overzealous cleaning lady. The system tries to connect, fails, moves on to the next AP (B) located down the hall, connects, and user can log in and work without even knowing there was a problem.

When admin checks his nagios, he sees that AP A is off, investigates, reconnects, and on next boot, user A is using his recommended AP again.


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