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Improved tftp yast module

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To facilitate an even smoother setup of an installation server where clients can be installed wia ethernet.

Suggested solution:

The Yast tftp module or the yast Install server module is added a ppossibility to edit the pxelinux etherboot setup.

For the first iteration text editing of the "default" config file in pxelinux.cfg is added.
The second iteration will add the new builds loaded into the Installtion servers to the "default" config file in pxelinux.cfg and copy the initrd and the linux file to the correct location. I prefer to have them under separate directories under /srv/tftpboot.

Sample configuration files can be obtained from me.

User benefit:

It makes it way easier to setup a large environment where a number of machines needs to be installed with a SuSE version.
It makes it really easy to test on different versions of openSUSE, SLES etc. especially when combined with autoyast. A complete re-installation is done in a few minutes.


Facilitate easy setup of a complet installation server with distros delivered by ftp/http and the initial boot process handled through tftp.

This removes the need for a separate boot disk, memory stick etc.


icons/user_comment.png a. f. wrote: (7 years ago)

i would also like the ability to choose between "tftp" and "atftp"

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